What We Do
Our team at AEON FITNESS, Ming Train Ltd., has over 30 years of industry expertise, each project is held to the highest standards. Whether you’re purchasing simple fitness equipment to work out at home, planning for a facility, or outfitting a professional fitness center, we provide solutions for every fitness level, budget and lifestyle.
Our Story
For several decades, AEON FITNESS has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit both facilities and users. Our aim is to be your wellness partner for life.
How we began
AEON FITNESS was founded in Los Angeles in 1981, and the following year was established itself as a treadmill spare parts producer in Taiwan. We supply running decks and running belts to some well-known fitness’s factories. Our international R&D centers provide enhanced quality and more comprehensive technology, encompassing all aspects of fitness equipment development.
We use innovative techniques to make outstanding fitness equipment. In 2000, we invested in robotic machinery and an Enterprise Resource Planning System to improve our production. During these periods, we have developed lubrication free decks, OCTO Cushing Pods, and Soft decks, which provided many solutions for our clients.
Stronger than ever
We are determined to complete our Air series products, and there are a few exciting new developments will launch, such as our new Curved Treadmills, Air Bikes, Air rower, Ski Machines in early 2020. We continue to develop outstanding fitness equipment to ensure our users have the best training experience. Our goal is to provide a more active, inspired and comfortable workout experience for our clients.